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About us

Established in 1991, our factory, located in Zhejiang Province, has been engaged in making fishing line—both PE and Mono over 20 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of fishing line, in particular the PE braid.


Our factory is always on the look-out for better material to satisfy the needs of a competitive marketplace. The diversity of our line portfolio has been developed to ensure that customers have as much choice as possible. We’re always trying to perfect a management system that ensures the quality and consistency of our line.


We have cooperated with professional anglers. We’ll ask them to help us test the quality of lines regularly. Any new lines before introduced to the market will go through lots of times of test. Feedback from our partners and customers also plays an important role. We’ll seek the views of our customers with every order dispatched.


Product development plays a major role. We’re keen to improve products on a continual basis. We are constantly working on new lines to stimulate the market. An example of this is our new WP9 – a nine strand that is made using a brand new weaving method.


We have customers all over the world and are always looking to build long-lasting relationships. Welcome you to join us.